Men’s Personal Shopping Session


Discover how shopping can be easy and fun


This 3 hour Shopping Session is tailored to suit your colouring, body shape, personality, lifestyle, and budget.

Includes a 1 hour pre-shop where I preselect items ready for you to try on.

I will teach you how to become a smart shopper, by learning where to shop for your look and budget and only purchasing items that make you feel good and work hard for your lifestyle.

  • Learn where to shop for your style and personality
  • How to check for the correct fit on your body
  • Try on styles that you’ve never tried before
  • Create outfits that you love for your lifestyle
  • Discounts at selected stores

Please note: Before I can shop with you, I need to assess which colours and styles work for your colouring, body shape, proportions, personality and lifestyle. Once I have this crucial information, then I can shop with you seasonally, top up shops or for special occasion wear.

I work ethically with my clients, so there is no pressure to buy on the spot, nor bias towards shopping at certain stores.

It’s for the benefit of my clients to try everything on that I have preselected for them at various stores, so they can make an informed decision on which item they preferred the most out of all of the options I found for them, before purchasing.

I have a break with my clients after they have tried everything on and offer my clients a complimentary hot or cold beverage. I then do a recap of their shopping list and look at photos of the items they have put back on hold with a view to purchasing. I help my clients with the decision-making process, assessing which items are the best fit, colour and style, out of the options we took photos of them wearing.

There is never any pressure to buy, and I always ensure my clients not only look great, but also feel amazing in the items they are trying on.