Colour and Makeup Tuition Session


Learn how to apply your makeup in your colors for eyes, face, and lip shape


This 2 ½ hour session includes: professional colour draping under daylight bulbs, to assess if you have a warm or cool skin tone, and your most flattering shades that compliment your complexion, hair and eye colour. This will determine if you have Summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring colouring.

After your colour session, you will then learn how to apply your makeup like a pro, in your Season’s colours. Step-by-step guidance and expert makeup tips. I can also sort your makeup bag into your colours for you. You will apply a makeup look that is personalised for you, so it reflects who you are and you love it.

  • Expand your choice of colours to wear and make coordinating outfits a breeze
  • Receive a personalised stylish pocket size swatch of 32 colours for your visual reference when shopping
  • Learn which eyewear and hairstyles suit your face shape
  • Advice on suitable hair, eyewear, makeup, jewellery, handbag and footwear colours
  • Step by step instructions and take home visual aid for your eye shadow application
  • Makeup application tailored for your face, eyes, lip shape, colouring and personality
  • Find the perfect foundation for your complexion